Spring Greetings from the YSB

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The Youth Service Bureau provides counseling services, conducts psycho-educational groups for youth and their families, and develops and coordinates prevention and resiliency programs for youth within the community. For information, contact AnneMarie H. Cox, Youth Service Bureau Coordinator at 860-844-5355 or email her at AHCox@granby-ct.gov

If you have been following us on social media, you know the YSB has maintained its counseling services. Our counseling vacancy has been filled and we welcome Alexis Neimann, MFT to our staff. Neimann worked with us six years ago when she was completing her internship, and we are delighted to have her back on a more permanent basis.

In addition to counseling, we have been focusing on prevention education programming. Hopefully you have listened to some of the prevention podcasts available on the Farmington Valley Podcasts. We have addressed Adolescent Brain Development, Childhood Trauma, and Parenting during Anxious Times. Other relevant topics will be coming on a regular monthly basis.

Many of us don’t have a clear picture of what “normal” is going to be as we begin to open the state. We plan to continue to follow the school system’s lead and only begin offering face-to-face programming when the schools open. Until that happens, we will look for needs we can address via distance connections and hope to offer some small group programs in the evenings later this summer. Sadly, our biggest positive youth development program, Open Rec nights, will not run until fall at the earliest. It is a larger group program that does not lend itself to social distancing.

For up to date information about programming, check out the YSB page on the town website or call AnneMarie Cox at 860-844-5355.