Physical therapy with Telehealth

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Given the recent COVID-19 outbreak, many people are unable to attend regularly scheduled medical appointments like physical therapy. In addition, the shut-down of local gyms and fitness facilities limits options for exercise to prevent physical decline and subsequent health related issues. Those who experience the onset of new or a flare of existing musculoskeletal pain are flooding local emergency rooms and doctors’ offices for conditions that could be effectively triaged by a physical therapist with direct access, further slowing access to care for those experiencing COVID symptoms.

Live Every Day, with offices in Simsbury, Avon and Suffield, has implemented a plan to combat the COVID crisis through virtual and when necessary live therapy sessions. Previously not covered by most medical insurances including Medicare, in an emergency reaction to the challenges of the COVID outbreak, telehealth access has greatly improved. Insurers, Medicare included, have all identified physical therapy as essential and appropriate for coverage via e-visit, and telecommunication.

Access to telehealth allows those who do not wish to leave their house an opportunity to speak with a professional. Via video or telephone, a physical therapist can continue a current treatment plan, triage new pain symptoms or assist in developing an exercise program to prevent decline. This not only ensures patients are receiving necessary medical care, but also assists with reducing the overall health burden on hospitals and doctors’ offices.

To learn more about virtual therapy at Live Every Day, visit or call 860-413-2073.