Food Drive at Farmington Woods exceeds expectations

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The residents of Farmington Woods topped their goals for both food collection and donations at their Gifts of Love Food Drive on May 17. Residents donated 1,608 pounds of food (with a retail value of $3,000) and cash and gift cards that totaled more than $4,100.

“We were hoping for cash donations of $2,000 so the drive far exceeded our expectations. We are so pleased with the generosity of the people who live in our community,” said drive organizer Mary Anne Maher. “We had cars streaming into the drive from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. and our volunteers from Farmington Woods were able to load up the Gifts of Love truck, filling it to capacity.”

Residents of Farmington Woods annually collect food and donations as part of their end-of-year golf tournament but decided to add a second drive based on Gifts of Love’s heightened need to meet the needs of those impacted by the coronavirus. Farmington Woods has been a supporter of Gifts of Love since 2006.

As the impact of the coronavirus deepens, Gifts of Love has had to meet an escalating need. Since the layoffs from the virus have started to affect workers, the Avon nonprofit has expanded its client base by 30 percent. Local residents have responded by stepping up drives and donations to help meet the need.

If your group is interested in holding a food drive, contact Denise Phillips at 860-676-2323. Individuals wishing to donate food can bring it to the Gifts of Love office at 34 East Main Street in Avon. The donor should knock and leave the food, to comply with the need for social distancing. Or they can call Gifts of Love at 860-676-2323 to arrange a drop-off time.

The organization is also turning to the community for financial support to help them meet the escalating need. Those wishing to donate should go to the “Donate Now” button on the organization’s website: