Five reasons you need to attend Granby’s Open Farm day

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On Saturday, Sept. 14, from 10 a.m.–4 p.m., over a dozen Granby farms will open their gates to the public. Experience the variety of agriculture that Granby has to offer. Pick up a passport at your first farm and collect a stamp at each visit to be entered in a drawing. You’re eligible for prizes with just one stamp. Pick up a Farm Map at local businesses or download one online at For more information, follow Granby Ag on Facebook.

1. You need to know what is available

Almost everything you need is grown right here in Granby, but do you know when or where to get it? From soap to milk to meat to veggies, farmers in Granby grow and make many things you need. Find out how to buy these products, and when they are in season, or when you should be loading up for the year.

2. You need to know who your farmer is and know how your food is grown

Open Farm Day is your opportunity to talk directly to the farmers who grow your food. Ask questions, find out how they work, how their raise their plants and animals. Sept. 14 is the day you get to see all that in action.

3. You need to be able to tell other people this information

In order to support local farms and land in our town being used for agriculture, we all need to be marketers for each farm. Use the information you learn at Open Farm Day to educate other family, neighbors and friends.

4. You need to share this with your kids

We all need to know where our food comes from in order to make educated decisions about what to eat, and it is especially important to share this with your kids. This hand-on, interactive way of learning – by being at the farm, and asking questions of the farmer, is such a great way for kids to learn.

5. You need to have fun (the old fashioned kind)

With everything from pony rides to face painting and farmer talks, Open Farm Day will be fun for everyone in the family. The farms have so much to offer in terms of enjoying the beauty of Granby.