Guided by angels and spirits

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Photo by Joanne Cohen

Tina Angeli with her book, We Are Angels.

Tina Angeli, a resident of Granby for over 40 years, recently published her first book entitled, We Are Angels, a 10-year-long project that she felt destined to write.

Angeli is a self-described spiritual psychic medium, and the director of the S.O.U.L. Center in Granby. Born in Italy, she believes she has been in communication with angels and guides since she was a toddler. Angeli teaches classes in metaphysics, past life regression and personal growth, and co-facilitates a monthly support group with Jack Lardis at UCONN Health Center for people who have had near death experiences, or NDEs. She strongly feels that her angels’ unconditional love and supportive guiding energy have helped her through many incredible challenges. During an interview on her property, in the center of the largest private labyrinth in Connecticut, Angeli gently explains that this book, which is a very personal and genuine account of her life, is meant to provide guidance and comfort to those who read it.

Angeli hopes that We Are Angels will be helpful to people who may be questioning their spiritual growth process, or who are wondering about experiences they may have had. Angeli strongly believes that we are challenged in life to do what we are passionate about, which is part of a “sacred contract” we made with Spirit before we were born. Often, she explains, people get “stuck”and can become anxious or depressed. Learning not only to have faith that we are guided and protected by our angels and guides, but accepting that we can “trust the process,” can allow us to feel calmer, more grounded, and happier. During monthly meditation groups held at her home and open to the public, Angeli offers a safe, comfortable and supportive environment in which people can explore meditation, learn various techniques for healing, and possibly receive messages from Spirit.

Angeli states that her intention is for her own story to serve as “a tool to motivate others toward their own journey.” She hopes that those who read her book will realize they can walk this journey “without fear of death and with the knowledge that truly We Are Angels.” Information can be found on Angeli’s website at www.WEAREANGELS.NET