1830s Star Quilt inspires reproduction

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Come to see the old and the new. For the last seven years quilters from the Salmon Brook Historical Society and the Granby area have been working on replicating a circa 1830s Eight-Pointed Star quilt from the Salmon Brook Historical Society’s quilt collection. The final stitches have just been added. To celebrate this remarkable achievement, a reception will be held at the society to honor the quilters and display both quilts to the public.

Society member Alberta (Bert) Dinella, who was in charge of this immense undertaking, and those working with her, put enormous effort into finding just the right fabrics for each star block and creating this new quilt as closely to the original as possible. Photos were taken of each block to provide precise fabric choices, many measurements were taken to ensure accuracy, the challenging border was conquered and all stitches were made by hand. Displayed side-by-side with the original, the reproduction takes the viewer back 175-plus years to when the original quilt maker must have been as pleased with her quilt as we are with the reproduction today.

Dinella, who was featured in February’s Drummer article, Saying Farewell to the Quilter and the Wizard, has moved to North Carolina, leaving behind this legacy and incredible addition to the society’s quilt collection. Thanks to her and her team’s long-term dedication, this reproduction will allow the beauty and complexity of the original 1830s Eight-Pointed Star quilt to be displayed while the fragile original is preserved.

Join society members on Saturday, April 13, from 1 to 3 p.m. in the Preservation Barn at SBHS, 208 Salmon Brook Street, as the makers of both of these hand-pieced and hand-quilted heirlooms are honored. Light refreshments will be served. Admission is free. If you have questions, please call Jean Potetz at 860-653-7647.