Simpsons writer delights crowd at library

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Photo by Brian Tomasino

Holly Johnson, Granby Library Program and Outreach Coordinator with Mike Reiss, author of the Simpsons book, Springfield Confidential.

In early January, the Granby Library held a book talk and signing of Springfield Confidential by Mike Reiss. Reiss has been a writer and producer of the show, The Simpsons, since it’s been on the air for 30 years, from the beginning to the present. 

In the book, he discussed with the packed audience at the library, he provided a first-hand look at how it all began, how the show is made, and why it keeps going. In his freewheeling, irreverent comic style, Reiss reflects on his lifetime inside The Simpsons show. He provided many personal observations, along with some of his favorite stories. There were many secrets shared, and funny moments of the 100’s of famous guests that have appeared on the show. Throughout the 45-minute talk, Reiss kept the laughs going for the audience. 

Mike has also written other books, including 20 children’s books, 12 of which are available at the library. The author talk ended with a signing of his new book that was available for purchase, along with many one-on-one enjoyable chats with Reiss. 

Holly Johnson, the Program and Outreach Coordinator for the library, helped in finding Reiss to come all the way to Granby. To find out about more planned events, stop by the library, or take a look at its Facebook page for the current list of events to attend.

Friends of the Granby Public Library helped sponsor this author book talk and signing, along with many other programs at the library, including museum passes, DVD’s, magazines, and more. If you are interested in joining the Friends of Granby, our annual membership drive will be in March.

For February, Friends of Granby book table sales at the library will be centered around romance and special price art books.