New equipment to clear new sidewalks

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Have you seen the latest addition to Granby’s Public Works Department? You are sure to see the bright orange machine this winter so keep an eye out for it.

The DPW recently purchased a new $33K Kubota utility vehicle to clear snow from the sidewalks in the town center. New equipment to clear new sidewalks The Kubota has all the attachments necessary to clear the snow from sidewalks including a 78” vee plow, 66” snow blower and salt spreader.

Kirk Severance, director of Granby’s DPW, said the new Kubota will be much faster than the Ventrac previously used and therefore will save the taxpayers money in the long term. Because the cab is both heated and cooled, Big Orange will also be used for ground maintenance and to collect trash in the park during the summer season, an upgrade from the golf cart previously used.

The good news is that the DPW and taxpayers should not need to make any other purchase for sidewalks or park trash collection for quite a while.