Wells Road Stands Up To Bullying

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Wells Road kicked off October with World Anti-Bullying Day on Oct. 1. The staff and students wore BLUE in support of being upstanders, instead of bystanders, and stomping out bullying. The spirit continued and spread as students donated $1 to write their names and/or kind acts they’d witnessed on hashtags and hearts. These statements now decorate the front office area. The over $100 collected will go toward a kindness sign or mural to keep the spirit of using kindness as an anti-bullying tactic alive here at Wells Road. The week wrapped up with students wearing kindness matters T-shirts and hats for a #hatnothate day, and seeing a presentation by Interactive Educational Theater in the afternoon. The program focused on strategies to stand up to bullies, including distraction, walking away, “killing them with kindness,” and using humor. All in all, it was a great way to really emphasize. The school motto of #kindnessmatters.