Paying for college: a seminar to guide parents and students

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A free seminar on paying for college will be held at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 19, in the Gathering Room at the Recreation Center in Salmon Brook Park. 

For many families, paying for college is one of the largest expenses they will ever face—second only to buying a home. When looking at real estate, homebuyers seek assistance and advice from real estate agents, mortgage brokers, attorneys and other professionals. It makes sense to get all the information you can with such an important transaction. It also makes sense to learn all you can about paying for college, which may cost nearly as much as your home.

Paying for college is different from saving for college. Learn how to make informed decisions about options to save for and to pay for college. 

In the seminar, you will learn about the process of paying for college from the time your student begins the college application process through the last tuition payment. You will also learn about the financial aid processes you and your student need to take. 

There are different financial aid applications as well, you will learn why you should complete the financial aid application even if you know you won’t qualify for need-based aid. Terms such as FAFSA, CSS Profile and EFC will be explained. 

Grants and scholarships will have an effect on the amount that you’ll pay for school. For instance, did you know that scholarships might not reduce the amount some families will pay for school? Features of each type of loan will be discussed. 

You will leave with a better idea of the process ahead and steps you can take to manage the process.

To register for the free seminar, visit or call 860-264-5831.

Kelly Ennis, CFP® is a financial advisor and owner of Infinity Financial Strategies in Granby. She helps families who want to plan for college expenses without jeopardizing their retirement. She lives in Granby with her husband and her sons who are in college and high school.