Lunch for the Mind: A special thank you to our attendees

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In 2012, the Granby Senior Center Civic Engagement Team focused on the subject of life-long learning for older adults. Subsequently, the Education sub-team was born with members of the Civic Engagement Team and Dallas Savard as the Champion. The team’s Mission Statement declared: “The mission of the Town of Granby Civic Engagement Education Subcommittee is to research opportunities for older adult life-long learning; to identify and catalog user-friendly education programs; to determine older adult citizens’ needs and wants for locally based programming; and to deliver those opportunities.” The thought at the time was to nourish the mind as well as  the body. Thus, the Lunch for the Mind program was launched in the fall of 2013.

The team tried to cover the interests of attendees with various topics. If you were interested in travel, we visited the People of Japan, Followed the Footsteps of Lewis and Clark, Climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, Traveled through France and recently explored Scandinavia. We found many people wanted gardening-type programs, whereby we learned How to Put your Lawn and Garden in Condition for Winter, walked through Stonegate Gardens in Granby, and toured the Rose Gardens at Elizabeth Park. Many attendees gave us feedback wanting local history. The team complied with Granby’s own Carol Laun’s Stories in Stone, A Look at Granby’s 14 Smaller Cemeteries and Touring  “The Street” in Granby. Also, a well-attended History of the Farmington Canal was presented by Carl Walter. Historical events became popular with our audience and we took a look at Art Looting during WWII, discovered the Hoover Dam’s impact on yesterday and today, learned about the sinking of the Lusitania and the Connecticut Witch Trials. For those who love poetry and music, we had Lunch with Dylan Thomas, Rev. Denny Moon showed us How to Say it with Music, went Behind the Scenes with Rogers and Hammerstein and discussed Emily Dickinson’s Life and Poetry. Some very different, yet well received programs, taught us about the Wicca religion, Feng Shui, Thanksgiving’s History and Myth and Thanksgiving from a Native American Perspective.

With the presentation of the above mentioned programs and the many others that are not listed, the Granby Senior Center Civic Engagement Education Team believes it has fulfilled its mission to deliver to our adult citizens’ needs and wants for locally based programs. The team would like to thank everyone who has attended a Lunch for the Mind program and hope you will continue to walk through the doors to attend the many more life-long learning programs the Senior Center staff will be presenting in the future. For now, the Education Team members: Joyce Bassett, Joan Ducharme, Eileen Longhi and Diane Neumann-Hernsdorf are retiring the Lunch for the Mind program and bid you a fond adieu.