Summer adventures for teenagers

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This summer has the potential to be so much more than being indoors behind a phone screen. As easily as stepping outside, teens can transform their limited days of freedom before the start of school, into one prolonged adventure. By living life to the fullest, summer can be an opportunity to check off all of the empty boxes on your bucket list.

While Netflix is a real temptation for the majority of teenagers to watch for the entire summer, it would be so much more beneficial to work toward set goals. For example, Pinterest provides a myriad of workouts to target specific areas of your body that need enhancement. For a month, try to follow the schedule of a Pinterest workout that will help prepare you for fall sports, and get you swimsuit-ready. Not to mention, the hot, humid days in Connecticut are the perfect time for a trip to the beach. Simply pack a picnic, invite company and head off early in the morning to avoid traffic. Once at the beach, everything’s a breeze and relaxation is the key.

There are a profusion of other activities that fill up the lethargic, boring days of summer. Granby and other nearby towns have fantastic hiking trails that lead to a perfect view. A sunset hike provides a great photo opportunity. There is nothing like watching the cotton candy colored clouds disappear out of view over the verdant forests of Connecticut. (However, make sure to have someone on bear duty just as a precaution.) Sport camps can be researched and are a sure way to get teenagers socializing, and improving on skills before their season starts.

Summer doesn’t have to be a snoozefest, it can be a healthy, eventful vacation that can help teenagers feel their best. Set a healthy goal of half an hour outdoors everyday—soak in vitamin D from the sun or take a dip into a refreshing pool.