Lunch for the Mind explores Scandinavia’s cities and countryside

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The May Lunch for the Mind program takes an armchair tour of Scandinavia, a convenient term for the three kingdoms of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Join the Civic Engagement Education Team at the Granby Senior Center on Wednesday, May 16, at 12:30 p.m. as photographer Mallorie Ostrowitz presents a slideshow covering her travels throughout Scandinavia in the summer of 2017.

She begins the trip in Stockholm, Sweden, including the Old City and the Royal Palace, and then travels to Oslo, Norway, visiting the unique Vigeland Park and the Viking Museum. Next is a venture to the beautiful countryside through fjords and mountain terrain to Bergen, a port city on the coast of Norway. A train ride travels through dramatic mountains and waterfalls to the town of Flamm to visit the home of the famous composer, Edvard Grieg.

Continuing the Scandinavian journey, the tour boards ferries to Denmark to visit several interesting sites with time in Denmark ending with Copenhagen, including a visit to the historic Carlsberg Brewery. The travels end in Iceland, with the unique geothermal sites, wildlife and seaports of the island.

Ostrowitz received a bachelder’s degree in fine arts at Queens College and a master’s of fine arts in painting at the City University of New York. She continued to explore her artistic creativity through an ever-increasing interest in photography. She began to study and photograph the environment while hiking, snow-shoeing, skiing and rafting. She describes her work: “I look beyond the large landscape, focusing on the extraordinary details of ordinary objects. My design problem is how to photograph these scenes with a unique perspective that challenges the viewer. This close-up approach, isolating the object from its surroundings, creates an abstraction that focuses the viewer on appreciating the patterns, textures and the interplay of color and light as art on its own.” This approach by Ostrowitz was visible in some of her unique photographs when she presented her travels through France last May and you can see it by touring with Ostrowitz through Scandinavia. Please register by calling 860-844-5352. Cost is $5. Bring your own lunch. Beverage and dessert provided.