There’s “sNOw” better way to spend your snow day

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Winter weather is chaotic and unpredictable, with its wailing winds, stinging cold and speeding blizzards. In the morning, the feeling students experience after waking up to a blurry landscape outside of their window, with school canceled, is filled with a tremendous amount of joy. However, when stuck inside the house during a heavy snowfall, and after binge watching all of the newest Netflix shows, boredom may strike and ideas are needed.

For many students, a snow day is the perfect day to rewind and catch up on sleep, homework, or  cleaning, but for those who want to be active, there’s a lot you can do. If you are literally trapped inside due to the snow, lighting a warm fire and watching a movie with the family is a great way to bond and make memories. Another enjoyable activity for family bonding is a family game night. Gather up as many board games possible and have family members choose a game. If there is a pool table or table tennis table, a family tournament would be a fun, competitive way to spend time together.  An entertaining evening for kids is guaranteed by building a blanket fort, toasting marshmallows and sipping a delicious cup of hot chocolate. Snuggling with family with a copious amount of treats would be a snow day well spent.

Eventually the blizzard will die down enough that everyone can venture outside without being blown away. During these times, there are a multitude of activities that can be pursued. A snowman is always a great way to use teamwork to get a finished product. Assign someone to build the base, middle and head of the snowman while others gather decorating needs. After the snowman, there is nothing better than a good old snowball fight. For this activity, there can be sides or a free for all; to make the game even better, the winner (one who hit the most or is hit the least) can receive an extra cookie or gets to pick the movie for the night. Granby has a few hills that are perfect for sledding; one of these hills is on Barndoor Hills near the McLean Game Refuge. This location is a perfect spot for sledding because people can go on a winter hike and sled in basically the same place.

Overall, snow days are great for sleeping in, but there are also plenty of things to keep everyone occupied and content. Whether it’s having a family movie marathon night, a bake off, sledding or building a snowman, there is definitely no better way to spend your snow day than with the ones you love.