STEAM career fair at GMMS

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Peter Dinella

Local design fabrication and consulting company CES Design Studio showed students how they combined artwork and engineering to develop creative solutions for their clients.

On Jan. 30, the students of Granby Memorial Middle School participated in STEAM Day, a day devoted to Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics.  Throughout the day, students engaged in a number of hands-on and inquiry-based activities to recognize the various ways that STEAM connects to their daily lives.  STEAM education is a high priority at GMMS, as it helps students to develop the necessary skills in today’s tech-savvy world.  STEAM represents a pathway to some of the most in-demand jobs that the economy has to offer, and allows students to develop a problem solver’s mentality, always looking to question and wonder about how things work.

The day was capped by a STEAM career fair, which brought in a number of businesses from the local community to share with students how STEAM connects to their various professional fields. Visitors that supported GMMS in implementing a successful STEAM day included Junior Achievement, local artist Matt Ryan, Simsbury Bank, Salmon Brook Veterinary Hospital, Lost Acres Fire Department, CES Design Studio, Select Physical Therapy, Don “Dr. Flush” Rethke, the GMHS and GMMS Robotics teams, and GPS’s very own district facilities and maintenance staff.  The Middle School would like to thank all of the volunteers, teachers, and students who helped make the day a great success.

Peter Dinella

The STEAM Day Career fair was organized in partnership with Junior Achievement. Here, Ms. Gilroy from JA, discusses technology, math and communication skills necessary for working in a non-profit organization.