​Revaluations to be mailed mid November

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By Susan Altieri, CCMA, II, Assessor

State Law requires all municipalities to conduct a revaluation every five years. The State of Connecticut requires that Towns perform a revaluation so that all properties can be brought to current market value and contribute an equitable portion of the total tax burden. Granby’s last revaluation was completed in 2012 and the Assessor’s Office has been engaged in the process over the last 16 to 18 months for the 2017 revaluation.
The Assessor is in the final stages of reviewing and analyzing the data and has not completed the final valuations at this time. The Assessor’s office anticipates mailing out the new assessments in mid November and each property owner will receive an individual notice of their new assessment. All property owners will be given an opportunity to attend an individual informal hearing for the purpose of discussing any issue regarding the assessment process and valuation issue. The Assessor’s office will be providing additional information as they near the completion of the revaluation.