​CTVV: Community Outreach is focus of First Congregational Church Of Granby

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These days religion is a major topic on many fronts: from families who have abandoned weekly attendance at church due to hectic schedules, individuals who have found renewed or change of faith, people who have lost spiritual belief, to those who use their sphere of worship as a “war room” in condemnation of those of other opposing creeds or cultures.
Susan Regan, host of CT Valley Views, explores with Reverend Dr. Virginia McDaniel the transformation of First Congregational Church of Granby from a self-serving entity to an “open and affirming congregation.”. As pastor of the church for the past four years, Reverend McDaniel has seen a definitive outreach to the community instigated by the congregation itself that includes a community vegetable garden, meal offerings every Sunday and most recently has established an annual “Day of Remembrance” to honor the memory of those murdered because of anti-transgender prejudice. Pastor McDaniel candidly shares her experience as a participant in the “Black Lives Matter” event Oct. 5 in Hartford and the objectives of demonstration.
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