​Angel Horses, Inc needs volunteers

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By Shannon Leydon
Do you love working with animals? Well, you may enjoy volunteering with the Angel Horses and their friends. Angel Horses are a group of retired therapy horses that have come here for their final home. The horses currently living at the barn are Sonny, Doc, D’Artagnan, Cinder and Keeper. There are also goats (Gladys, Elvis and Buddy) donkeys (Ashley and Kiko) and a sheep named Sheepie. If they didn’t come here, they could have been sent to auction, and that outcome is almost never a good one.
The owner and founder of Angel Horses needs more volunteers to help with the animals and the barn. Pam Traun needs help cleaning stalls and rings, and caring for the animals. These animals have done so much to help people and now it is our turn to help them.
Volunteers must be a minimum of 15 years old or have experience in the Angel Horse program. Angel Horses is looking for volunteers to work on Saturday mornings. If you want more information on the Angel Horses program, please go to its website at www.angelhorses.org/about or its Facebook page Angel Horses, Inc. to learn more.
My time in the program was very eye opening; it taught me a lot of things that not many people know about these animals. A simple example is that you can tell how the horse feels by the position of its ears. Also, I learned how to lead, groom, and help out around the barn. The program has inspired me to work more with these animals and to become a large animal veterinarian. This article was to make people aware of this program and what the requirements are for my Girl Scout Silver Award.