Wear red on April 10, Equal Pay Day

Recognize Equal Pay Day on April 10 to symbolize how far women and minorities are “in the red” with their paycheck. On Tuesday, April 10, women across the United States will join in a national day of action called Equal Pay Day.

Comments on Evonsion property

Residents voiced their opinions on the RFPs for the former Evonsion property at the March 5 and 19 Selectmen’s meetings

Susan Regan – disappointed that the RFP did not include anything but agriculture; would like to see an extensive marketing plan, believing that the property could sell for much more than the $1.25 million, that money then being used to pay off long-term debt. Bob Miller – surprised to see that sale of the property is even being considered as former First Selectman John Adams stated that the purchase of the property to be sure it remained open space.

Granby needs a marketing plan

The premise of this op-ed reflects my observations during my attendance at public referendum presentations, meetings of Granby’s BOS, BOF, Planning and Zoning, Parks and Recreation, Board of Education, budget workshops, discussions with the office of Community Development and recent review of Granby’s most recent Plan of Conservation and Development. I hope it will stimulate Granby residents to contribute, vocally or in writing, to the town’s fiscal and quality-of-life issues.

Turning an abandoned school into a learning asset

Originally, I was going to address the potential for the Kearns School based on currently available information published in the Town of Granby Kearns School Study Committee Final Report dated May 11, 2017. This was part of my research because the issue has recently been revisited by the BOS to determine the school’s future status.

Support for Eastwood

I am writing to extend my support to Valerie Eastwood as candidate for the 62nd district. Eastwood is extremely thoughtful and considerate.

An exciting choice

I am a longtime Granby resident and find myself very enthused to see two local Democratic women vying for the party’s nomination in the race for the Connecticut House of Representatives in our district. They both appear to be energetic and eager to take on our long-time Republican incumbent, Bill Simanski.

Praise for Granby schools

My wife and I have lived in Granby for 35 years and both of our daughters are graduates of GMHS; both went on to Bates College and are now successful professionals. I was the product of the parochial school system in Fairfield county.

Letters to the Editor

Unsigned editorials are the consensus opinion of the editorial staff and publisher.  Commentary pieces express the opinion of the writer and not necessarily the opinion of the Drummer.Roundabout Project ObjectionIt seems to me that the state has the cart before the horse when it comes to the Five Corners roundabout project. A roundabout may turn out to be unnecessary if all that is needed is better visibility of oncoming traffic from the south side of Rte. 10/202. This suggests that the pro […]

Letters to the Editor

Best use of tax dollars?In response to the letter to the editor in the February issue titled, Best use of Tax Dollars.Having a very strong opinion that the tax dollars of this town paid by taxpayers like you and me are not being used in a fiscally responsible manner, it does appear as if the financial decisions made by the DPW and our town are not made in the best interest of the taxpayers as much as they have been in the best interest of the DPW. Spending taxpayers dollars to replace an assigne […]